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Why Choose Us?

Miller Home Inspection Service LLC

Why Choose Miller Home Inspection Service LLC?

  • Comprehensive and professional service
  • We are licensed with the State of Wisconsin since it became a requirement in 1998
  • Celebrating our 24th year in the home inspection business (We are here to stay!!)
  • Our inspections are compliant and accordance with the Wisconsin Home Inspection State Standards of Practice 440.975
  • We are a member of the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors (WAHI
  • Clear written comprehensive report, emailed to you along with a CD of the report mailed to you. (paper reports for well and septic reporting)
  • All water tests and radons tests are preformed at accredited / licensed labs
  • Our inspector holds licenses for: Well /water testing, and septic evaluation 
  • Pump Installers License# 7439,Septic, POWTS license# 265325  
  • Wisconsin Home Inspectors License # 126-106

For each inspector:

Did you know, to maintain a Home Inspectors License in Wisconsin, that 20 continuing education hours are required every year?

For the Pump installers license 6 CE hours are required yearly and POWTS (septic) 6CE hours are required yearly.

Did you also know that our neighboring state Minnesota requires no licensure for Home Inspectors? 

Also, if you have an unlicensed inspector you cannot put the seller on notice of defects? Wisconsin offers to purchase require a licensed home inspector~ so be careful who you hire, ask if they are licensed in the State of Wisconsin!!

With so many good reasons to work with Miller Home Inspection Service LLC, why would you choose someone else??

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