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Q. How much do you charge for a home inspection?

A. Fees are based on the total square finished footage of the home. Example: 1200 sq ft home is $300

Q. How long does an inspection take? 

A. A typical home inspection takes around 2 hours depending upon the size of the home.

Q. Should I attend the inspection?

A. Yes, if it is at all possible. We do limit the amount of people that you can bring though. A couple and their agent is the limit, we prefer no unattended children.

Q. Do you inspect cottages, do well inspection, septic inspections and take safe water tests?

A Yes, yes, yes. We also inspect commercial properties. As of 10/01/2014 arsenic is required to be tested in the standard water test for real estate sales. 

Q. If you find something wrong with the house the seller has to fix it, right?

A. Wrong. You can use the report as a negotiating tool. They do not have to fix anything. Sometimes the price of the house is based on the things that have to be fixed. Typically a seller will listen to reasonable person.

Q. I will get my report on site at the time of the inspection, right?

A. Wrong. Out reports are lengthy. They are a narrative report that is uploaded to a secure website, where you or grandpa can see it. Then you are mailed a CD of the report.

Q. Are you licensed to do these inspections?

A. Yes, we are State licensed to perform all of the inspection types that we do.

Q. All home inspectors are licensed to take water tests, inspect wells, and inspect septics?

A. NO. You have to go to classes, and take tests in order to be licensed. The DNR licenses pump installers, and Wisconsin Building and Safety licenses POWTS. Lately there are home inspectors doing this without licenses.



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Note: Please allow up to 2 weeks to get an inspection. Yes, we are BUSY!! 

Recently we have been getting calls for just well and septic inspections due to the inspectors not being licensed to preform these tests. As we may try to get you in as soon as available, our focus will be on those who schedule full home, well and septic inspections before yours. 

Remember to ask your inspectors experience, and how long they have been licensed home-inspectors!


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