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NW Wisconsin's "FULL TIME" Home Inspector

Kathy Miller

Chetek, Wisconsin

Established 1996

I am Kathy Miller, the other half of the Miller Home Inspection Service team! 

You may ask how I got started in this business with my husband Brian. Necessity!!!!  I worked in the Real Estate industry from 1996 as a licensed Realtor, then got my Brokers License around 2000. I knew we could do better!

There were only 2 home inspectors in our area at the time! (Now there are close to 12, and daily one gives up and another try's a go at the business). As I said, when we started there were two inspectors, one very well respected and another one, who just tried hard. We were in the business almost 6 months and had built up a reputation of accuracy and quality of our reports. (My how they have changed!!) We received a call from the wife of the "respected" inspector, he had died suddenly, and "would we please take the several jobs that he had scheduled". This pretty much launched us into the business on a more than part time level. 

I have played an active role in the business, from setting up inspections, gathering information and talking to buyers, agents, septic pumpers and zoning officers. Many buyers have become repeat clients. We work hard at what we do, and try our best to give accurate information and make your inspection process an easy one.

I kept on selling real estate until 2009. At that time I was diagnosed with breast cancer and quit that part of the business, I had to change some priorities! So, I went into the "secretarial" end of Miller Home Inspection Service full time.

Since then we have had many grandchildren which are the absolute delight of my life! I spend as much time with them as I can. I have taken up sewing, so Gramma is now a "sew and sew" and they run around in many of the outfits that I make for them. 

I am a parent of a blended family of 6 children. There are 6 grandchildren. Life has been very good, mysterious and plentiful and many times surprising! All I can say is that we have an awesome Creator, and Father. 

Jeremiah 29:11 is the verse that has sustained me throughout life; I hope you have one that has been your verse as well, God Bless!




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