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Definition of a Home Inspection


Definition of a Home Inspection

A property inspection is an objective, professional, visual analysis of the condition of a property, by a State Licensed Home Inspector.

Property inspections help you to make an informed decision by determining whether there are any major defects in systems in order to prevent any insurmountable financial burdens later on. A home inspection is NOT a "Code" inspection, or a guarantee, but rather a "SNAP SHOT IN TIME" showing you the condition of the property at the time of the inspection.

We inspect homes for structural and safety issues. We are NOT ENVIRONMENTAL INSPECTORS, we do NOT inspect for MOLD. There is no licensure or standards in the State of Wisconsin for mold inspection. If this is a concern to you, contact yor health department to get a recommendation of a environmental specialist. Explain your concern to your agent who is writing the offer~

Also, with the recent insurance company requirements, we suggest you hire a chimney sweep if the home you are purchasing has a wood burning fireplace of wood burning furnace. There are special certifications that the insurance company will require to assure its safety.

Finally: Please read your report when you receive it. It is imperative to read the summary and the full report!

Red means HAZARD, needs service! Blue means needs service and may be a hazard, Green additional generic information. 

If you are color blind, please let us know and we can go over the report with you! 



We are licensed to preform:

Home, Well, Water Sampling for Testing, and Septic opinions.

Other Services provided without needed licensure are: Infrared, and Setting out Radon Testing kits.

Things we do NOT do:

We will not move furniture or boxes to see the walls or areas covered by them. 

We will not remove wall coverings (sheetrock, paneling)

We do not tear apart the electrical box.

We do not inspect woodburning fireplaces or furnaces.

We do not inspect for mold.

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