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   Code vs Home 

   Which one do you require?

              Home Inspection or Code Inspection;                which one do you require?



Code inspection is an inspection which is done by a Wisconsin State Licensed "Code Inspector" who is appointed by your township to monitor each step of the building process on newly remodeled homes. You have no choice in who will be your Code Inspector on your new construction or remodel. A code inspection is designed to assure that proper materials have been used and proper workmanship has taken place on all new or newly remodeled homes. It must be remembered that "meeting code" is minimum. Another way of saying this is; "A Code Inspector" will assure you that at the very least, the minimum allowable quality product and materials has been used, and the least, the allowable quality workmanship has taken place on a newly constructed or newly remodled property. UDC {Uniform Dwelling Code} Inspections have been required in Wisconsin in all counties since January 2005.

Prior to this, UDC inspections were not required in the majority of northern Wisconsin Counties and many of the rest of the Counties.

What you also need to know about "Code" is that existing homes do not require "code" inspections when they are being sold. Code requirements change as time goes by, and they change often. "Code" is also not retro-active. Code inspections do not pertain to an existing home. A home built in 1965 will not meet today's code, and is not required to meet today's code. It only has to meet the code for the time is which it was built. It is anyone's guess when that might have been.

Recently there was a movement taking place to require all homes being put on the market to be brought up to code prior to their sale, this turned out to be cost prohibitive for home owners {or sellers} and completely unrealistic, the idea was trashed.



     Home Inspections

The definition of a Home Inspection is as follows: A Home Inspection is an objective, professional, visual analysis of the condition of the property, by a "State Licensed Home Inspector". 

Home Inspectors cannot by law be structurally intrusive or technically exhaustive.

They will help you, to make an informed decision by determining whether there are any major defects in the systems or structure in order to prevent any insurmountable financial burdens later on.

A home inspection is NOT A "CODE" inspection, or guarantee, but rather a "SNAP-SHOT IN TIME"  showing you the condition of the property at the time of the inspection. This is the type of inspection that is referred to in the "Offer to Purchase" when buying a property.


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